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Telematics Wire: JVC KENWOOD Corporation, Linaro and OpenSynergy join Automotive Grade Linux project

By November 19, 2015January 3rd, 2017In the News

Forty-six member companies now collaborating to develop an open automotive platform for the connected car

JVC KENWOOD Corporation, Linaro and OpenSynergy are joining The Linux Foundation and AGL to collaborate on the creation of an open automotive reference platform to accelerate rapid innovation and delivery of the connected car experience.

As the automotive industry evolves to embrace a new level of connectivity in the vehicle, the need for an open reference framework to enable rapid innovation is needed. AGL members are committed to the goal of developing a common and open automotive platform for OEMs and suppliers to utilize, contribute to and build commercial products and technologies upon. To know more about AGL, please refer to this article and exclusive interview of Jim Zemlin, ED of The Linux Foundation.

“Our goal is to create a platform that the entire industry can use as a basis for delivering a connected car experience to consumers,” said Dan Cauchy, general manager of automotive, The Linux Foundation. “Having a common automotive platform means that OEMs and suppliers are starting with a proven foundation on which they can build their own experience. We are thrilled to see such a diversity of new members joining who represent an even broader range of perspectives on automotive software innovation.”

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