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The AGL Unified Code Base (UCB) is a Linux distribution built from the ground up through a joint effort by automakers and suppliers to deliver a modern in-vehicle infotainment and connected car experience for consumers.

The goal of the UCB infotainment platform is to provide 70-80% of the starting point for a production project. This enables automakers and suppliers to focus their resources on customizing the other 20-30% to meet their unique product needs.

Key features include:

  • AGL Application Framework
  • ConnMan network management for pairing multiple devices
  • Vehicle bus messaging with built-in security to prevent unwanted intrusions
  • Audio routing and mixing
  • Multiple display capability (front and rear seat)
  • IP Network Manager with WiFi and LTE
  • Linux Security Module
  • Linux-based distribution using Yocto Project
  • Device Profiles for Telematics, Instrument Cluster
  • Speech Recognition APIs

The latest release, UCB 16.0 (Prickly Pike), is available for download here.

Supported Hardware

The AGL Unified Code Base supports a number of reference hardware boards and QEMU emulation. The complete list of supported hardware along with prebuilt binaries and build instructions can be found on this site.