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Dan Cauchy

Executive Director

Dan is the General Manager of Automotive at the Linux Foundation and the Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). He has over 22 years of experience spanning the automotive, telecom, networking, and mobile business verticals.

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Walt Miner

Senior Director, Community

Walt Miner is the Senior Director, Project Management and Community for at the Linux Foundation. Walt has over 30 years of embedded software development and management experience in the automotive, mobile phone, and defense industries.

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Jan-Simon Moller

Release Manager

Jan-Simon Möller is Release Manager of the Automotive Grade Linux Project (AGL). He has been an active contributor to open source projects for over a decade and is a seasoned Linux trainer.

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Noriaki Fukuyasu

Vice President of Japan Operations

Noriaki is the Vice President of Japan Operations for The Linux Foundation. Prior to joining The Linux Foundation, he led the international business for a leading Japanese Linux distributor, Turbolinux, Inc., as Director of International Business. He also served as the CEO of Zend Japan.

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Emily Olin

Director of Marketing & Communications

Emily Olin is the Marketing Communications Director for Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) at the Linux Foundation. She has more than 15 years of experience in strategic communications and media relations working across the automotive, enterprise tech, and motion picture industries.

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