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Automotive Grade Linux Announces App Developer Call for Participation

By September 22, 2016December 28th, 2016Announcements
SAN FRANCISCO, September 21, 2016 –Automotive Grade Linux, a collaboration project of The Linux Foundation, is hosting a demonstration showcase at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 4 – 7, 2016. Included in the suite is a minimum of five (5) tables to hold demonstration hardware running applications built on top of the AGL Unified Code Base (UCB) Software Distribution.
In the past, AGL has sponsored booths at trade shows with a single hardware and software solution. When doing that we have often received requests from application developers requesting space at the AGL booth or asking to be included in the main demo. Therefore, to provide maximum exposure to automotive ecosystem companies for our members, AGL is making a Call For Participation for teams (“App Developers”) to provide AGL Applications to be included at the official AGL Demo Suite at CES.  In parallel a CFP for Hardware Vendors is being made to increase the variety of hardware solutions demonstrated using AGL software.
Benefits for App Developer
1) Increased exposure to the automotive OEM and Tier 1 ecosystem with the ability to schedule private demos in the AGL Suite.
2) App Developer mentioned in the official AGL CES Press Release.
3) Increased awareness of the App Developers’ capabilities in the AGL developer community.
  1. All applications must run on the AGL Charming Chinook release as installed AGL Applications based on the AGL Application Framework. For information on developing applications using the AGL Application Framework see for more information.
  2. Applications should be made available as source code and released under an open license approved by AGL. Binary only applications are permitted, but preference will be given to open source apps.
  3. Applications must be included in AGL/DemoApps/CES2017 repository and built using meta-agl-demo. A beta version of the application must be available for the face-to-face integration session in Yokohama on November 17.
  4. Applications must run on all AGL designated reference boards for CES. See for more information.
  5. App Developers may support the face-to-face integration sessions remotely; however in-person attendance is preferred.
Key Dates and Deadlines:
Date                       Deliverable
Oct 4, 2016             AGL App Developer Proposals Due
Oct 18, 2016           AGL Steering Committee Notifies App Developers
Nov 15, 2016          Demo apps available in meta-agl-demo
Nov 17-18, 2016    Face to Face integration session in Yokohama, Japan
Dec 15-16, 2016    Final integration session in Tokyo, Japan
Dec 23, 2016          Charming Chinook Release
Jan 5 – 6, 2017       CES Demo Suite Available
How to Apply:
Please indicate your interest in participating in the AGL Demo Suite at CES by filling out the AGL CES App Developer response by October 4, 2016. Email your response to

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