The initial release of the AGL Unified Code Base, Agile Albacore was made on January 4, 2016.   

The Brilliant Blowfish Release was made on July 22, 2016 with occasional patch releases being made after that. 

The Charming Chinook Release was made on January 6, 2017.

Supported Hardware

The AGL Unified Code Base supports a number of reference hardware boards and QEMU emulation. The complete list of supported hardware along with prebuilt binaries and build instructions can be found on this site




Developer Resources


Charming Chinook Features and Benefits

Download the Charming Chinook Release

Changes made for Version 3.0 (Charming Chinook) of the AGL UCB include:

  • Linux-based distribution updated to use Yocto Project version 2.1 (Krogoth)
  • A brand new home screen and window manager 
  • An improved application framework and application launcher
  • A new SDK for rapid application development
  • Reference applications including media player, tuner, navigation, Bluetooth, WiFi, HVAC control, audio mixer and vehicle controls
  • Integration with simultaneous display on instrument cluster
  • Wide range of hardware board support including Renesas, Qualcomm Technologies, Intel, Texas Instruments, NXP and Raspberry Pi


Brilliant Blowfish Features and Benefits

Download the Brilliant Blowfish Release

Changes made for Version 2.0 (Brilliant Blowfish) of the AGL UCB include:
•    Linux-based distribution updated to use Yocto Project version 2.0 (Jethro)
•    Connman network management as used by GENIVI and Tizen
•    Vehicle bus messaging replaced with AGL developed solution for signaling   
•    Build server moved to faster hardware with Jenkins Job Builder coming on-line in Q3 2016 
•    A completely revamped test infrastructure utilizing Fuego and Lava to run standard test suites

Beta Features available for testing in the Version 2.0 AGL Staging git tree 
•    AGL Application Framework with life cycle management and access control that enables application and resource isolation
•    Secured automotive bus prevents unwanted intrusions onto MOST, CAN, or other buses
•    Audio Routing Plug-in combining the best of GENIVI and Tizen audio management enabling streamlined audio management configurability 

Agile Albacore Features and Benefits

Download the Agile Albacore Release

Based on the Yocto Project, a complete embedded Linux development environment with tools, metadata, and documentation, the new AGL distribution includes:

  • Complete Linux-based distribution based on Yocto Project
  • Common IVI layer that can be shared by multiple projects (AGL, GENIVI, others)
  • Complete open source development infrastructure including Git code repositories, Gerrit code review and Jira bug and issues tracking, all hosted by the Linux Foundation
  • Continuous integration via Jenkins
  • Automated testing infrastructure 
  • Westin IVI shell with Wayland IVI extension (from GENIVI)
  • Support for Qt multimedia and QML applications
  • Demo applications for Home Screen, Media Browser, HVAC Control and Display, AM/FM Radio and Navigation
  • First open source MOST device driver developed by Microchip Technology
  • Option for both native and HTML5 applications