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AGL Specification

The scope of the AGL Requirements Spec is to define the architecture of the Automotive Grade Linux software platform.  The main goal to define the core software platform from which applications can be built. As such, the document does not define application requirements except in a single case (Home Screen). Application requirements will be developed by various projects that use the AGL platform. Those application requirements will then be used to drive new or revised requirements into the platform.

AGL Requirements Specification 1.0 is an important milestone for the industry as it moves toward the adoption of an open source development methodology to more rapidly innovate and create a safe and reliable connected car experience. It allows OEMs and suppliers to identify gaps between the specification and code and provide input directly to the developer community for resolution in future AGL releases. Other key highlights:

  • Defines a highly integrated Linux-based software reference platform for IVI.
  • Defines requirements for multiple services such as WiFi, Bluetooth, multimedia, location based services, application lifecycle management and several others.
  • Defines both a native and HTML5 application framework.
  • Defines connectivity and interaction with the vehicle bus (CAN, MOST) with APIs for middleware and applications.

To contribute to the next release of the specification please visit us here.

Download AGL Specification v1.0