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COVESA All Member Meeting

April 16-18, 2024 | Gothenburg, Sweden

AGL at COVESA All Member Meeting

AGL Executive Director Dan Cauchy and Walt Miner, Senior Director of Community will give a presentation on the areas in which AGL and COVESA are currently collaborating today and possibilities for closer engagement in the future. AGL will also be doing demos during the COVESA Member Showcase & Reception the evening of April 17th.

Want to schedule time to meet with AGL during the event? Reach out to

Using the Automotive Grade Linux UCB as a Vehicle for COVESA Development

Wednesday, April 17th at 3:00 pm | Speakers: Dan Cauchy and Walt Miner, AGL

The Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Unified Code Base (UCB) is an open-source platform for Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) addressing multiple cockpit software functions including infotainment, instrument cluster and heads-up display. First released in 2016, the UCB recently made its seventeenth release, code named Quirky Quillback, which added or enhanced support for key technologies such as SDV, VirtIO, RISC-V architecture, AWS Graviton cloud-native support and new Apps based on the Flutter UI framework.

The UCB is a mature and well supported platform with a code-first and upstream-first approach. AGL collaborates with best in class open source projects to push automotive use cases into projects when necessary and combine them to provide an automotive-specific distribution with unparalleled flexibility.

In this talk, Dan and Walt will describe the areas in which AGL and COVESA are currently collaborating. For example, the UCB already includes some COVESA-based components, including VSS via the KUKSA.val project and the GENIVI DLT. There are also a number of current and future efforts that overlap such as SDV, EV Charging and AOSP which are of keen interest to joint members of both AGL and COVESA. We will discuss the possibilities for closer engagement between AGL and COVESA in some of these work groups.