Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a Workgroup of the Linux Foundation. The Workgroup is overseen by an Advisory Board and Steering Committee with technical leadership provided by the System Architecture Team


AGL Governance

  • The AGL Advisory Board is responsible for setting the overall direction and budget of the Workgroup

  • The AGL Steering Committee runs the day to day activities of the Workgroup

    • Providing expertise and guidance to advance AGL's adoption and technical success.

    • Supporting the project with resources that actively contribute to further the goals of the AGL Project including code development, specifications, test, documentation, marketing and more.

  • The System Architecture Team (SAT) is responsible for the overall AGL technical architecture and oversees the implementation of the AGL reference hardware and software solutions. 

  • Expert Groups are formed by the Steering Committee or Advisory Board can be technical or non-technical in nature. Expert Groups generally fall into one of these categories

    • A Standing Committee that is responsible for a particular function or has specialized knowledge within the Workgroup. Examples could be integration, QA, process management, legal, marketing, security, or application framework.

    • A Team that is responsible for a specific part of of the software on an on-going basis. Generally this team would be the system maintainers for a part of the code base.